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ExamFX, Inc. offers classes online only. This school offers training in 82 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Life Insurance License, Health Insurance License, and Insurance License. Time to complete this education training ranges from 3 hours to 2 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 2 weeks. The cost to attend ExamFX, Inc. ranges from $10 to $500 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $169. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, "I paid for it myself".

The most commonly reported benefits of attending ExamFX, Inc. are "Flexible class hours" and "Affordable", but respondents also mentioned "Good career preparation" and "Helpful career services" as notable benefits. ExamFX, Inc. has been reviewed 149 times, with an average rating of 4.34 out of 5. About 93% of reviewers would recommend ExamFX, Inc. to a friend.

School Information

3 hours - 2 months
Property & Casualty License Resident Insurance Producer Insurance License Insurance Life Insurance License Health Insurance License Life Insurance Health and Life Insurance 215 Series 7 License Series 6 Certificate 2-15 Life incl Var Annuity & Health Certificate Health and Life License Health and Annuities License Kentucky Health Insurance License Health and life licensed MD WV VA Texas General Lines Agent - Life Health and HMO Certificate Life and Annuities Pennsylvania Instructional I License Nevada State Property and Casualty license Health Insurance Agent Health Life Insurance California Property and Casualty Insurance License Property and Casualty Course Health Insurance Sales License State of Hawaii - Health and Accident License GA Property and Casualty License CA Life Accident and Health Insurance Sales Licence Food Handler Certification Oklahoma Life Insurance License Life and Health Producer License Disability Income Insurance General Lines (Group 1)---Life & HMO Insurance VA Life Health & Annuities License NJ Licensed in Insurance Sales FINRA Series 26 Property and Casualty Licenses Georgia Accident and Sickness certificate Pa state Life accident and health agents license Licensed Insurance Adjuster Pennsylvania Property and casualty License Missouri Life and Health Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance License General Line Resident Insurance License Health Insurance Certificate Insurance Resident Producer 214 Life Insurance and Variable Annuity Certificate Health Property and Casualty General Lines Georgia Accident & Sickness/Life Insurance License Life and Health Insurance - Missouri certificate Texas Property & Casualty License Health and Life Certificate GA Life Insurance Certificate 215 license for Life and Health insurance NIPR NC Licensed in Property Casualty and Life Kansas Insurance Agent License Series 65 FINRA License Valid P&C License and Life License Fraternal Insurance Counselor certificate State of Nevada Life and Health Insurance Certificate General Lines agent: Life Health and HMO Life and Health & Accident Insurance California Insurance License SD health insurance agent certificate Series 66 FINRA License Resident Producer Individual Certificate Health/Life License Property And Casualty License 215 Life Incl Var Annuity & Health Certificate Life and Health Insurance and Property and Casualty License


  • Property & Casualty License: Under $10 - $400
  • Resident Insurance Producer: $395
  • Insurance License: $100 - $300
  • Insurance: $200 - $250
  • Life Insurance License: $35 - $650
  • Health Insurance License: $35 - $500
  • Life Insurance: $120
  • and Life Insurance: $100
  • 215: $500
  • Health and Life License: $100
  • Health and Annuities License: $200
  • Kentucky Health Insurance License: $150
  • Health and life licensed: $56
  • MD: $56
  • WV: $56
  • VA: $56
  • Pennsylvania Instructional I License: $300
  • Nevada State Property and Casualty license: $150
  • Health Insurance Agent: $100
  • Health Life Insurance: $85
  • Property and Casualty Course: $250
  • Health Insurance Sales License: $400
  • State of Hawaii - Health and Accident License: $120
  • GA Property and Casualty License: $150
  • CA Life: $199
  • Accident and Health Insurance Sales Licence: $199
  • Food Handler Certification: $10
  • Oklahoma Life Insurance License: $150
  • Life and Health Producer License: $150
  • General Lines (Group 1)---Life: $300
  • & HMO Insurance: $300
  • VA Life: $150
  • Health & Annuities License: $150
  • NJ Licensed in Insurance Sales: $200
  • Property and Casualty Licenses: $30
  • Pa state Life: $169 - $200
  • accident and health agents license: $169 - $200
  • Pennsylvania Property and casualty License: $150
  • Missouri Life and Health Insurance: $250
  • Property & Casualty Insurance License: $200
  • Health Insurance Certificate: $344
  • Insurance Resident Producer: $200
  • 214 Life Insurance and Variable Annuity Certificate: $1,200
  • Health Property and Casualty General Lines: $100
  • Georgia Accident & Sickness/Life Insurance License: $100
  • Texas Property & Casualty License: $170
  • Health and Life Certificate: $250
  • 215 license for Life and Health insurance: $80
  • NIPR NC Licensed in Property: $1,000
  • Casualty: $1,000
  • and Life: $1,000
  • Kansas Insurance Agent License: $200
  • Valid P&C License and Life License: $300
  • Fraternal Insurance Counselor certificate: $60
  • State of Nevada Life and Health Insurance Certificate: $300
  • California Insurance License: $172
  • SD health insurance agent certificate: $500
  • Series 66 FINRA License: $200
  • Resident Producer Individual Certificate: $130
  • Life and Health Insurance and Property and Casualty License: $400

What do students think about this program?



Good career preparation

Other comments

I had to study hard but the materials that was given to me online help me along to get certified. I took 2 tests at different times. Life/Health/PNC.



Flexible class hours, Affordable.

Other comments

A typical day of training requires time for reading and taking practice quizzes. The coursework didn't seem to match the test. I enjoyed being able to study at home, but the reading was very hard to do.
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